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Lazgam Laser Games is a Laser Tag game played with laser guns inside a labyrinth. A maximum of 32 players can play in an area of 500-square meter decorated with lights, colors and sounds to simulate entry into the world of Sci Fi.


Your mission! First put on your vest and grab your laser gun.  Once the equipment is put on, you’re ready to begin the match.  Enter the arena and avoid getting hit while you aim to shoot at your rivals.  The player with the highest score wins the laser battle.

Your vest is equipped with five sensors, front, back, shoulders and at the tip of the gun.  When you get shot, your vest will turn off for five seconds.  Use this time to move to a strategic location to hit your rivals.

Time per game

– 15 minutes/game

Number of players and team division

– Number of players 1 – 32 players
– Divided into 1 – 6 teams
*Only available for personal games and birthday parties.

Scoring Guide

Laser strikes opposition: +100 points
Hit by opposition: -10 points
Hit the same: -25 points.
Striking ‘Power Pod’ all 3 times: +75 points

Getting Special Power-ups by Shooting the


During the match, you’ll find hidden ‘Power Pods’  shaped just like your armor suit. You’ll find them attached on walls at 3 different spots. When you hit all the 3 ‘Power Pods’ in a row, you will receive bonuses. Note that shooting a ‘Power Pod’ will suspend your shooting for 3 seconds.  If you fire a player during that time, you will have to restart your count on your Power Pod again.  Once you’ve hit all three, you’ll get special bonuses.


The shield boosts your armor by allowing you to charge into the enemy surrounded by lasers without getting hit. The armor power-up lets you get hit by 4 lasers before wearing out.


The spy creates chaos for the other players by changing the lights on your suit to match their team for a minute. During this spy time, take the chance to shoot your opponents as much as possible before they know what hits them!


Powerful armor and hid it on fire your laser gun. Goes out for one minute when there is no light on the armor. And laser guns You will virtually disappear in a cloud petals say that. It is not easy to find you the opposite. Or hit you


Lazgam advises to wear sports shoes or
soft soled tennis shoes.

Please maintain courtesy while playing and
respect our codes of conduct towards other players.

Please don’t climb on the obstacles or walls inside the labyrinth or crouch or lay down.

Please exercise caution when playing.
Do not run or jump.

All players must be between 7 – 77 years old.


With six different playing modes, Lazgam Laser Games offers diversity and fun.


When playing a match with 2 – 6 teams working to demolish one another by collecting points, the team with the most points wins.


Play a team-free match where it’s you against everyone. Players in this mode can target and collect points from anybody on the field. The strongest player with the highest points wins.


Turn yourself into a man of steel who cannot be damaged by lasers. In this mode, you’ll get your special ‘Shield’ bonus once you manage to shoot 3 hostiles in a row without being hit by any lasers during that time.

*Only available for private games and birthday parties.


You get to enjoy the thrills of combating the ‘enemy’ in the dark where all 6 of your senses are heightened to the max. In this modem there are no lights in the arena or on your suit.The only thing that gets lit up is your laser gun.

*Only available for private games and birthday parties.


Teamwork, speed and cooperation are the recipe for success in this mode. You and your team have to move fast to attack the hostile base, while protecting your own base from the ‘enemy’. The team that manages to destroy the opposing team’s flag first is the winner. If neither of the team manages to destroy a flag before the game time runs out, the team with the higher point will be the winner.

*Only available for private games and birthday parties.


In this mode, you get to take the role of a ‘bodyguard’ by protecting someone on your team while trying to assassinate someone from the opposing team at the same time. Each team’s VIP has limited lives, but will also earn more points if that person manages to hit a hostile.

*Only available for private games and birthday parties.