Now that Lazgam has successfully opened the first Laser Tag Venue in Bangkok, it is time for Lazgam to achieve its main goal of being the leader in the Asian Laser Tag market. Franchising has been determined as the best way to develop the Lazgam brand everywhere in Asia at a rapid pace. As for now, Lazgam is the only Brand that has the required knowledge to open successful Laser tag facilities using the right material and the right communication channels in order to reach it’s targets.Being a Lazgam franchisee not only allows you to get a great and fast return on investment with an already proved concept but it also allows you to being supported by experienced actors in the Laser Tag field.

Why you should be a Lazgam franchisee?
  • Be a part of the most realistic, Thailand’s only real laser game experience.
  • Lazgam is holding the exclusive right in Thailand to use world’s No.1 laser tag equipment, Lasermaxx Laser Games.
  • Lazgam values international laser game standards in terms of safety, quality, programs and regulations.
  • We assist with location selection and securing process at only prime and high-traffic lifestyle complexes.
  • Strong growth record since 2016, rapid expansion within one year period stores opening 2017 (Major Ratchayothin, Central Festival Pattaya, Samui)
  • Lazgam is the only laser game franchise in Thailand.
  • Excellent ROI and expenses to profit ratio.

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